8 Days of Easter
8 Days of Easter
8 Days of Easter
8 Days of Easter
8 Days of Easter
8 Days of Easter
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8 Days of Easter

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This package includes social media content for Good Friday and the week of Easter. 

The 8 days of Easter is a way of extended celebration for the Ressurection of Jesus! Why celebrate the best event of the year for one day when you can celebrate it throughout 8 days while participating in the following activities: 

Sunday: Day of Resurrection

  • Celebrate Easter with your family by going to church. 

Monday: Day of Forgiveness

  • Celebrate Easter by forgiving someone in your life. 

Tuesday: Day of Generosity

  • Celebrate Easter by being extra generous to someone. 

Wednesday: Day of Feasting

  • Celebrate Easter by having a meal with your family or friends. 

Thursday: Day of Revived Relationship

  • Celebrate Easter by reaching out to someone who you could revive a relationship with. 

Friday: Day of Fun

  • Celebrate Easter by having fun with your family. 

Saturday: Day of Serving

  • Celebrate Easter by serving someone in your community or your neighbor. 

Sunday: Day of New Life

  • Celebrate Easter by holding baptisms or cheering on new believers in their new life. 

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