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I have found that there are two extreme responses to anxiety with Christian circles, and if you don’t know by now – extremes don’t work. Extremes are easy, but not effective. There’s a ditch on either side of this narrow road towards peace, and before we jump into this journey, let’s try to find balance. 

The first extreme reaction that I have witnessed amongst Christians would be – feeling ashamed. I have met countless Christians who are too ashamed to admit they’re anxious and are so guilt-ridden that they deny that they’re struggling with anxiety, and they hide it. This is toxic because God cannot possibly heal the areas of our lives that we hide from Him and others. Also, the first step towards healing is being honest with yourself and admitting there’s an issue. Let me remind you that there is no condemnation in Christ and Satan will use guilt to keep you silent and stuck. There’s no need to be ashamed.

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