Ministry Masterclass

With Manny Arango, hosted by Free Church media.

What does Biblical Leadership look like?

Oftentimes when we talk about leadership all we hear are business principles. Productivity, scalability, systems, capacity, quarterly goals, return on investment...

There's just one problem: THOSE WORDS AREN'T IN THE BIBLE.

Jesus was not a CEO. And what works for an ENTREPRENEUR doesn't always apply to a SHEPHERD.

Whether you are a leading a church, or serving as a leader in a church, you and your team are invited to join Manny and dive into a Biblical model for leadership. Because before we turn to a business resource to learn how to lead people we should turn to the Bible.

The Details


July 5th from 11:00a-3:00p.

Doors will open at 10:45, we'll have 3-4 sessions, lunch and snacks will be provided.

(We will be sending out a finalized schedule very soon)



Trademark Church

7101 Trail Lake Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76133



This will be a round table style training event. Manny will teach several topical sessions, answer questions, and give feedback.  We want you to leave with the practical leadership ideas and the relationships you need to succeed in in ministry.

Spots are limited so make sure and register ASAP.


(Includes lunch)

In order to secure your registrations, you'll need to make a $39 per person donation to Free Church Media (which covers the cost of the event)