You're invited!

The "CO-OP" is a gathering where local church pastors and leaders can build relationships, build community, and build unity. This event will be a place where you will share, learn, and find support from amazing leaders like yourself. 

The Details


November 12th-13th.

We'll kick off with lunch on Thursday and end just before lunch on Friday. Lunch and dinner will be provided on thursday and breakfast on friday.



Trademark Church

7101 Trail Lake Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76133



This will be a round table style event where you will get to collaborate, connect, and chill. This isn't about a speaker but about the collective conversations of those in the room and at your table. You have experiences, insights, and knowledge that can help other leaders and vice versa. Think of it like a secret society meets fight club, but for church leaders, and instead of fighting we're supporting, learning, and praying for each other.  

Spots are limited so make sure and register ASAP.


ADMISSION | $100 ($150 for couples) covers meals and activities.


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