3 reasons why bad theology is well... bad.

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Did you catch it?

Chandler and Manny discuss the importance of theology and why we can't allow the rising tide of Biblical illiteracy to sweep over the Church.

There are so many good truths throughout the talk that we are going to share our top 3 and why we loved them so much. 
1. "Just because someone is gifted enough to preach doesn't make them qualified to handle God's word."

Ministering the word of God is a sacred responsibility that should take intentional training and education. As people in ministry, we should do everything in our power to be qualified to honor the message. 
2. "Good theology brings unity where there is division. Unity doesn't always mean agreement, it means that I have decided to walk in a covenant friendship from a theological conviction."

This is a daily reminder of our world, that it's loud about wrong and right. At the end of the day, we are in a covenant friendship with each other and need to protect those relationships. When we do this, it shows the world that we can respect those who have different beliefs that ourselves. 
3. "A decision for Christ doesn't always lead to allegiance to Christ for a lifetime."

The relationship doesn't stop at salvation, it's just beginning. It's our duty as leaders in the church to help guide and give truth, and useful tools to help those we are leading to keep and grow their relationship with Christ. 
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Watch the full conversation here:

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